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Your bathroom should be clean, relaxing and safe, not dirty or in need of repairs. Fortunately, The Tub Pros, LLC can refinish or repair your bathroom fixtures in a matter of hours, versus the time of the traditional remodeling process. Also, saving you a significant amount of money using our high quality process and low VOC material.

  • Bathtub, shower, sink, tile and countertop refinishing.

  • Porcelain, ceramic, cultured marble, formica, corian, fiberglass and acrylic.

  • Crack and chip repair.

  • Tub step and door installation for safe easy access.

  • Grab bar and tub bench installation.

  • Slip resistant bottom applications.

  • Drop-in drain and overflow installation.


The Tub Pros are the leading bathtub refinishers in the Mid South. We are located in West Memphis, Arkansas. We service an 80 mile radius of Memphis, Tennessee; Including Jackson, Tn. Jonesboro, AR. and Mississippi. We are now also proudly serving Little Rock, Arkansas and surrounding areas. We are proud members of the Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association, Angies List, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Porch and The Better Business Bureau. We are also preferred vendors for Crye-Leike and Coldwell Banker.

Is your tub or tile chipped, stained, rusted or an unattractive color? Is your fiberglass shower stall warped, cracked or leaking? Is your countertop  or sink outdated? Don't throw them into the dumpster along with your hard-earned money. Bathtub Refinishing is a practical method to make tired and worn fixtures look brand new. That's right, brand new! We have the skill to make this happen at a fraction of the cost of replacement. With little impact on your busy life, very little mess or  down time and can be used within a few short hours. We'll professionally prep and refinish your fixture, resulting in an amazing gloss and durable coating. Bathtub Resurfacing  is the most practical and affordable solution to renewing an old  an old finish. Bathtub Reglazing is a process where we extensively prepare the surface, mask and cover any areas where a new finish is unwanted and then our experienced technicians spray your newly finished fixture with our specially formulated material. 

We resurface porcelain, cast iron, steel, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, ceramic tile, corian and formica. We also refinish Jacuzzi and Whirlpool tubs. We have accessibility options available such as the CleanCut or Safeway tub step or tub door allowing for easier access to your existing tub without the need to remove and replace. This is the perfect solution to mobility issues of any kind. We also install tub seats or shower benches, grab bars, handheld shower heads, shower curtain rods and non skid (slip resistant) bottoms. Call us for more information, you can also contact us via email or our online quote form. Don't spend a dime of your hard earned money without calling us first!

August 2, 2019

If you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel, you probably know that the process can be expensive. But you can take steps to make a remodel more manageable. This article is here to provide you with some bathroom remodel ideas to save you money during your renovation. 

Prioritize For Your Space  

The good news is that it doesn’t take a full tear-down to update your bathroom—it depends on what works for you. Fix broken or non-...

August 1, 2019

If you’re considering reglazing your bathtub, you want to make sure that you’re making a good investment. After all, no one wants to spend the money on a home project they have to redo in a year or two—or, worse, spend money on a project that makes the problem worse. The good news is that reglazing with a professional can be a great move to improve the look and function of your bathroom. 

If you’re thinking about reglazing a ba...

August 1, 2019

Blue bathtubs: these stars of mid-century American design still grace plenty of homes that have otherwise moved on to more modern color palates and design schemes. Some bathrooms also hang on to tubs that are sea foam green, pink, or avocado-colored. 

It’s no wonder—while a brand-new bathtub can have a low sticker price, it’s expensive and time-consuming to rip out the existing tub, remove it from the house, bring in the new tu...

August 1, 2019

If your kitchen sink is stained, chipped, or cracked, you might be looking into replacing the sink completely. After all, no one wants such a central part of the kitchen to look worn and dirty, and outdated colors can make the kitchen look old and tired. 

But you may have found that replacing the sink involves more hassle than you expected at first. Finding a sink to fit the footprint of the current sink can be a challenge in s...

May 22, 2019

If you’re looking into having your bathtub refinished or reglazed, you might be wondering if the process is really worth it. After all, the cost of a new bathtub in the store is relatively low. You might be concerned about the appearance of a refinished tub or concerned about how long the new finish might last—you don’t want to reglaze the tub and have a new project next year. 

You might be considering a DIY kit to save some mo...

May 15, 2019

Maybe you’re worried about staying safe in your own bathroom, or maybe you’re trying to keep a loved one safe. It can be hard to know the best way to keep a senior safe in their bathroom—which changes can make the bathroom safer? Theses bathroom safety tips for seniors are here to give you some ideas. 

Safeway Step 

Among our other bathroom services, The Tub Pros offers the Safeway Step as a bathtub conversion option. This upgra...

May 8, 2019

If you’ve noticed cracked tile and grout in your shower, you might be worried about the appearance of your bathroom or about possible water damage. You’re right to be concerned, and you shouldn’t have to deal with an unappealing bathroom or one that can make your home unsafe. So what’s going on? And what can you do about it? 

Grout in the bathroom can crack for a few reasons. It could be that the grout is old or was mixed impro...

April 6, 2019

When reglazing a bathtub, pros and cons are important to consider —pros are a new-looking bathroom, added value to your home, and repairs to damaged surfaces, while cons can be expense, time spent on a project, and the hassle involved in a renovation to one of the most frequently used rooms in your home.

The good news is that if you’ve decided to refinish your bathtub or shower using a refinishing company, you’ve made a great c...

April 6, 2019

On your list of home projects, dealing with bathtub glaze problems might not be top of the list. Who has the time to find a company, get a quote, and surrender one of the most important rooms in the house? Maybe you’re considering a DIY bathtub refinishing kit or had bathtub reglazing problems with another company. Is bathtub refinishing really worth it? Here’s our rundown on the topic. 

What is bathtub refinishing? 

Bathtub ref...

December 28, 2015

Cultured marble is a man made product. It is made up of approximately 82% natural stone materials suspended in a polymer resin. This product can be poured into a mold and made into any shape or form. Cultured marble is often used for vanity tops and full salon style bathrooms in which there are showers, tubs and vanities all made from cultured marble. The dated look of cultured marble is something that can be remedied with the...

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