December 28, 2015

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Refinishing Your Tub

December 22, 2015

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Want To Change The Color Of Your Bathtub?

August 1, 2019

Blue bathtubs: these stars of mid-century American design still grace plenty of homes that have otherwise moved on to more modern color palates and design schemes. Some bathrooms also hang on to tubs that are sea foam green, pink, or avocado-colored. 


It’s no wonder—while a brand-new bathtub can have a low sticker price, it’s expensive and time-consuming to rip out the existing tub, remove it from the house, bring in the new tub, and change the plumbing or walls to fit. And bathtubs visually dominate the bathroom.




Replacing a toilet or sink might not be such an expensive process, but color-matching might stop homeowners from completing this project—who wants to bring a bright-white toilet into a bathroom with off-white tile and a blue bathtub?


If you’re searching for bathtub update ideas to bring your bathroom to the present day, you might have noticed that bathtub reglazing or refinishing can change the color of your tub in a short amount of time for much less than the cost of a full replacement. But maybe you’ve read some negative reviews of DIY refinishing kits and you’ve gotten scared off. After all—you have an outdated tub, but at least it doesn’t have brush marks or peeling epoxy, two common results of DIY kits.


Maybe your tub has been damaged and you’re sure that no one could repair it, since it’s such a distinctive color. Maybe you’re uncertain about your next move, and stuck wondering where can I find bathtub reglazing near me? How could you ever decide on the right company? What if you make the wrong choice? 




We’re here to answer your questions! If you’re ready to update your tub without the time-consuming and expensive process of a full remodel, refinishing or reglazing is an affordable solution to change color of bathtub and tile fixtures without giving up your bathroom for days on end. 


Bathtub reglazing means that our factory-trained technicians strip the existing coating on your tub, repair any damage, and apply a new, high-gloss coating to the tub. And the good news for homeowners with outdated colors: you can pick from our wide selection of colors, and we can refinish tiled showers, too.


The process takes a few hours with just four hours before you can use the tub, and our ventilation system keeps offensive odors from the chemicals from filling your house. Best of all? A properly maintained tub can continue looking great for fifteen to twenty years after being reglazed. 





We’re proud to serve the area surrounding Memphis, Tennessee and want you to get the best results possible. If you’re looking for tub refinishing near me and you’re located in Memphis, West Memphis, Jackson, Jonesboro, Little Rock, and surrounding areas, look no further than The Tub Pros!


If you’re interested in reading more about the process, visit some of our other blog posts that provide more details. And if you’re ready to get started on a project to get your bathroom looking its best, contact us at (901)-871-8827!


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