December 28, 2015

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Refinishing Your Tub

December 22, 2015

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Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth It?

April 6, 2019





On your list of home projects, dealing with bathtub glaze problems might not be top of the list. Who has the time to find a company, get a quote, and surrender one of the most important rooms in the house? Maybe you’re considering a DIY bathtub refinishing kit or had bathtub reglazing problems with another company. Is bathtub refinishing really worth it? Here’s our rundown on the topic. 


What is bathtub refinishing? 


Bathtub refinishing or reglazing means that your current bathtub is sanded down, any chips or cracks are filled, and a new glossy coating is sprayed onto the tub. This process can help fix a number of problems with your tub—like color, chips, cracks, or rust.


When The Tub Pros refinishes bathtubs, our factory-trained technicians set up an exhaust system that greatly reduces any chemical smell from the materials we use—unlike other bathtub refinishing companies, who may just use a fan. We prepare the workspace to avoid overspray onto other fixtures, then get to work repairing any damage, stripping the existing finish on the tub and preparing the surface for a new, high-gloss coating. This is applied with a spray gun—no brush marks, no streaks. We detail more of our process on our FAQ page. 


Our process takes three to four hours—that’s all!—plus another four before you can use the tub. And how long does bathtub reglazing last? With proper care, you can keep your tub looking great for a decade or more. 

Ready to get started? Check out our Contact page for a quotes on the cost to reglaze tub and tile. 




What about my other options? 


There are a few alternatives to bathtub reglazing. One is full replacement, but that can be a hassle—bathtubs are held in place by the wall, the floor, and plumbing, and it can be expensive to get them out. 


Another option would be bathtub liners. These are acrylic liners that fit over an existing bathtub. Though it may seem to be the best option—there’s no down time waiting for the finish to set—you should also keep in mind that liners are more expensive than the typical tub refinishing cost and can lead to future problems. Unless the liner is installed perfectly, water can collect underneath and lead to problems with mold. 


A third option would be a bathtub refinishing kit, available at a home improvement store. But keep in mind that many of these DIY kits have you roll or brush on a coating, rather than spraying, which can make the finished result look amateur. You also have to make sure you can properly ventilate the workspace to keep yourself and your family safe. 





Is Refinishing Worth It?


We think so, and hope our quality will make you think so, too! If you’re looking for bathtub refinishing in Memphis, we hope you’ll choose The Tub Pros! Browse our site to see our bathtub reglazing reviews and for the other home projects we can help with. 

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